Much conflict in Roanoke was going on. It first started when Manteo and Wanchese went on a journey to England. When the English came to Roanoke, they tried to trade, but it did not go as planned. The most important event that caused conflict was the disease English men brought over; the Indians were not immune to it. Manteo and Wanchese make a long voyage over the Atlantic Ocean to England. Presently, the English are taking two brave Indians selected by chief Winging.

During their stay, Wanchese gets mad and is disenchanted with the English. Wanchese betrays the English because he did not like the culture, he did not get to see all of England and stayed inside, and they acted negatively to his attitude towards England. The second most important thing was the trading that was going on. At first, trading was going quite well. Both sides became selfish of the items that were going to be traded, and thought the other items were not worthy enough to trade for it. Trading started to become very unpleasing because the English wanted food, but would not trade guns; Indians wanted metal objects, but would not trade food, and both sides became hostile when their objects were being traded.

After the English left Roanoke, Indians caught a suspicious disease. The Indians called it "invisible bullets", for they assumed Wanchese called on the gods to shoot them. The Indians were furious when the majority died, Manteo betrayed them, and when they thought English fought against them. Therefore, neither of the two was first to start the battles, both sides started it. You can think of it as friction-it takes two objects to cause it. Manteo turns on the English, selfish trading was taking place, and the English gave the Indians a disease they were unaware of..