Gobltotters. They had a remarkable time. Ont of the students even received a pat n the behind from one of the players. While visiting Charleston Prophet stops while walking to the car to urinate off the side of the road. The other trip was with the girls in Conroy's class getting together with the girls in Conroy's wife class going to their house for a Valentine's Day party. Even though they are fearful of ghosts their have a nice time.

In this chapter we also see Ethel's family. Her alcoholic parents get into a domestic violent altercation. Conroy takes her mother to a doctor to get X-rays. She spends a few days away then goes back to join her husband.

We also see a bit of island culture when a elderly women dies. In chapter ten the book seems to be coming to the end. The school year is almost over. Conroy and the gang go on what probably is the last trip. Conroy receives an letter that is addressed to Mrs. Brown informing her that Mrs.

Hands would be obliged to the school in any way she can. Mr. Conroy wrote her back acquire her help. She wrote Conroy back and he received the letter a week later. Conroy and the gang go to Washington D. C.

They stay with Mrs Hans and her neighbors. They all have an excellent time. In this chapter Conroy's wife is pregnant agian. Chapter eleven Out of the eighteen students that Conroy taught this year seven of them are graduating. Conroy with the help of his friends took his graduating students on a trip to a camp. On this trip he is planning to teach them to swim.

The boys were eager to learn how to swim. They were soon swimming away from the walls and putting their heads under the water. The girls were not as eager. Although they did not swim they did have a lot of fun. In this chapter Pat Conroy was also indirectly fired. After a the majority of the city meet at the broad of Education to get his job back and an passionate speech from Conroy the broad decided to pay his gas over the phone.

The school in Yama craw also received new, more quailed teacher that came to help the students learn to read. To end the school year with a bang Conroy planned three more trips. The first to Atlanta, the second to New York and a third to California. Ending the chapter Piedmont put Conroy on trail. He was later fired. Chapter twelve Chapter twelve was the last chapter in the book.

This chapter begins with Pat Conroy silent Chapter ten.