Coretta Scott King Many people think of Coretta Scott King as one of the most influential women leaders of our world. Prepared by her family, education, and personality, she strived hard to carry on her husband, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s , work. Wanting peace and equal rights in America are just a few of her husband's dreams in which Coretta strives to fulfill. Coretta Scott King was born on April 27 in 1927 in Marion, Alabama. She spent majority of her childhood on her parent's farm.

She was elegant and intelligent. She graduated form Lincoln High School, a private black institution with integrated faculty, where she was the valedictorian. She later received a B. A degree in music and elementary education after attending Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Scott later on enrolled at Boston's New England Conservatory of Music in 1951 and that's where she met Martin Luther King. He was a doctoral candidate at Boston University's School of Theology. Despite the objections that Mr. Kings parents had on them getting married, they eventually got married at the Scott family home close to Marion on June 18, 1953. During her husband's career, Coretta usually remained out of the public spot light while containing majority of her time raising her four children.

She was present at many of the major civil rights events of the 1950's and 1960's; Coretta frequently aided her husband in the struggle against southern segregation. She performed at many of her husbands speaking engagements and the proceeds were donated to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Sadly, tragedy struck on April 4, 1968. The world was devastated when finding out Martin Luther King Jr. has been assassinated.

Afterward, Coretta devoted majority of her live to spread her husband's philosophy of nonviolence. The following year, she published her autobiography, My Life with Martin Luther King, Jr. Coretta was not only the wife of Martin Luther King but also lead participants in the American Civil Rights Movement. She didn't let the death of her husband prevent her from spreading her beliefs. Coretta has carried the message of nonviolence and the dream of the beloved community to almost every corner of our nation and globe. She traveled various places throughout the world speaking out on racial economic justice, women's and children's rights, gay and lesbian dignity, religious freedom, and the need of the poor and homeless.

As a life-long advocate of interracial coalitions, Mrs. King has achieved goals that many of us never thought she could do. In taking consideration that her husband was assassinated, she didn't let that stop her. She went and finished.