Today there is not a person in the United States is familiar with Dolly the lamb. She is one of the many new advances made in genetic engineering. Genetic testing is being done all over the world and scientists are all after the same goal. Tremendous amount of funds have been spent to help researchers reach their goal in genetic engineering. It is now being forested that genetically ailing diseases could be wiped out along with famine and partial poverty. Genetic engineering may be able to help cure diseases and suffering, but there are drawbacks to it that we must consider.

The whole idea behind genetic testing came from scientists. Although we have all heard of the scientist who goes mad in his laboratory. Lets be real though genetic testing already has played a role in many peoples lives. This new form of genetic testing cold possibly begin saving future family generations. If the gene could be found to prevent terminal illness in future generations many lives would be saved and who wouldnt want that. Carol Krause, a former cancer survivor, and medical journalist who states I live in horror that I might have passed this on to my ten year old son (202).

This form of genetic testing could help from preventing so many radical forms of treatment such as Chemotherapy. This could help families see the potential that this is only one of possibilities that genetic engineering will have to offer. Genetic testing on the human genome could solve part of the mystery of life. With careful study of the human genome scientists could begin to understand why we work and operate the way we do. Looking carefully at the genome scientists could begin to see new medical insights which could lead to new forms of treatments for patients as well as diagnosis With this study undergoing genetic testing could reveal an extensive amount of information about a patient. This form of testing could let a patient know whether or not he or she is prone to alcoholism.

Also it could let someone know if they posses a gene for cancer or any other terminal illness. Not only will this form of testing demonstrate what the patient may carry it will give them an option to add modification it. As the Economist, a British weekly magazine, puts it Knowing thyself is not always a comfortable process. But it is better than ignorance (224). So is it better to know that you might get a disease or not I suppose it depends on the individual. The testing could let a couple know whether not to want to have children based on the results.

If the child was for sure going to get a brain disease at a young age then the parents may choose not to have children. Genetic engineering isnt all glamour. There are many forms of genetic engineering. People must look into moral and religious aspects of this.

In my own personal religion most of the genetic testing methods would be frowned upon considered immoral and against Gods plan. You must wonder if all the power and advances is actually worth it. What is to happen if genetic engineering gets out of hand. Life doesnt have a rewind button and cant be simply taken back. If the testing gets out of control where will that leave all the innocent by standers. When and who is to say enough is enough.

The one must wonder how are scientists going to find volunteers to do research. They wont, instead they will use animals as a tool guide. Andrew Kimbrell published a paper The Animals Agenda in it he announced Unfortunately, too many scientists and corporations and the federal government continue to ignore the animal suffering and the ethical questions that surround the genetic engineering of animals (184). This is a cruel and inhumane way to treat a living a creature.

Why exactly are all these tests even being performed Ruth Hubbard, a professor at Harvard and Elijah Wald freelance writer refutes in their paper Genetic Testing Threatens Society: Despite the complexities revealed by current research, molecular biologists have been increasingly successful in persuading society at large that ill health should, and can, be viewed as primarily a genetic problem (193). If health care facilities find it a problem then will that allow health care to be denied Genetic testing does have its downfalls. There will not be any easy form of agreement when it comes to genetic engineering. There will always be the benefits on one hand and the drawbacks on the other. Hopefully, we will begin to see advances in technology because as of right now no one is going to see too much because of the technology rate we are at. It would be scary to see some sort of genetic mishap and wind up having a scenario like Steven Kings movie The Stand.

This of course is taking things to the extreme. We must wonder why we will be allowed to have all this ability Are we playing God or indeed is God playing us N/A.