French Revolution there was alot that was going on. The King was running France because he did not know what to do, and the Queen, all she did was spend France's borrowed money when they needed that to pay for things to be in France. So lots more happened to France, the king was killed, how he was killed he was beheaded my soldiers that worked for Frances military. The Queen was also killed adn beheaded and France's people did not feel badly about this because she did wrong. so later france moved on from this and everything was happily ever after. France became allies with other country's.

Got lots of money from the citizens from taxes that they paid. Didn't get in to to many wars after that. No one was fighting in France over taxes and food because everyone could afford the food. The reason why they couldnt afford the food in teh beginning was because in order to make the food it cost more money for the ingredients. so which means the makers of the food had to charge more money for the food in order to make up for what they had lost because the ingredients were wo expensive. so yeah that was about it for frances revolution, and a lot of things changed.

France became a great country after making lots of money and everyone was happy. so so and the people were mad here are the results of the paper see how you did. the user will be good for it when he or she find outs that there will be a ceremony in there honor because they found out bout this entire thing and came up with it themselves, and they were so smart to figure this out with out no help. Thus became a good thing because no one lost the bet and no one had problems with each other after this.