Most Americans suffered from Great Depression from 1929 to 1939. Herbert Hoover and Theodore Roosevelt were the two presidents during the years of the Great Depression. Many people see that Hoover failed and Roosevelt did not. Roosevelt and Hoover both tried to save the economy but both did not benefit everyone to the same degree. During the Great Depression, Hoover remained convinced that the economy was doing well and that the government should not interfere with it. In response, he focused on helping agriculture, industry, and banking systems.

He asked employers not to cut wages or lay off workers. Hoover also encouraged the farmers to reduce their crops. Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC) loaned millions of dollars to banks and corporations for spending on public works such as housings, etc. Hoover believed that helping ordinary people would not help the economy and bring the country out of the depression.

Hoover's beliefs and treatment of people angered World War I veterans called Bonus Army that ended his presidency. All in all, unemployed, ordinary, and homeless people did not really get much support from the government during Hoover's administration. On the other hand, Roosevelt had a different impression on the American people. As a response in the Great Depression, Roosevelt came up with a plan called The New Deal. This deal supported individuals, businesses, and ordinary people. Roosevelt came up with projects that created jobs by hiring men to build roads, bridges, dams, etc.

He also came up with the TVA that gave electricity for most people in Tennessee that never had electricity before. Another program that he had was the WPA that improved many schools, hospitals, and other public works. Americans liked Roosevelt than Hoover because they felt that Roosevelt was doing something and trying something new and Hoover did not. Both presidents have worked for the Great Depression to end but had different ways of doing it.

Hoover's concerns were mostly public works, agriculture, industry and most of the employed people and not the unemployed and homeless ones. Most people hated him because they didn't see Hoover trying to find a way to relieve the Depression. On the contrary, people saw the government helping them during Roosevelt's administration that made them liked Roosevelt more than Hoover. With his New Deal, the American economy was gradually recovering. Agriculturally, Roosevelt's AAA was similar to Hoover's agricultural legislation. One flaw that Roosevelt had was doing what's convenient and whatever makes the White people happy.

New Deal didn't really have a failure but some people hated it because of the fact that Roosevelt was a Republican. All in all, for Americans, Roosevelt helped more than Hoover when it comes to relieving and ending the Great Depression.