I. Introduction During the early 1900's, Germany was very dependent on foreign loans. America, most of all, helped out Germany to pay back reparations of the first World War. When the stock market crashed in America, the Great Depression came about in 1929, and Germany no longer got the loans it needed to survive. People were fired from their jobs, and Germany needed a newer, stronger leader.

The people were so desperate, they listened to anyone with their radical ideas. And, when it came to Hitler, they were told just what they wanted to hear, not knowing how the miracle of saving Germany was going to come true. II. Body A. Great Depression 1. Began in 1929 2.

Germany dependent on foreign capital a. U. S. Loans and others 3.

Germany had to lay off workers to regain money a. Hitler promised to employ people in debates B. Start of Hitler 1. Hatred started when young a.

Worked in Vienna after mother died 1. Lacked any success in Vienna a. Lead to hated of modernism, Marxism, Viennese culture, and Jews 2. Couldn't bear that Germany surrendered then signed a peace treaty a. Couldn't bear with the loss of the dominating army 3. Was in the German military a.

Led him to be anti-Bolshevik b. Afterwards joined NADP 1. One the the elite, then leader 2. Turned to Nazism c.

Tried to overthrow government with the Nazis 1. First sign of political revolution C. Political Attempts 1. First overthrow attempt, lost 2. Accumulated secret followers a. Prepared to replace democracy 3.

Current leader died, elections were held D. Elections 1. Joseph Gobbles helped Hitler for a strong campaign a. Propaganda at an extreme 2. Appealed himself to all types of people a. Youth followers meant much to Hitler 1.

Particularly Herbert Nor kus, who died for him 2. Kept fighting for Hitler until 6 years after WWII b. Staged acts of support c. With false promises without details 1. Make Germany strong 2. End payment of reparation to the allies 3.

End Treaty of Versailles 4. Stamp out corruption 5. Deal with Jews 6. Limit amount of Marxists 3. Got 6, 371, 000 votes a. Victory celebration destroyed all Jew shops, etc.

b. Still did not fully succeed E. New President Hindenburg appointed Hitler in 1933 1. Took advantage of fire in Parliament building a. Eliminated all other parties b. Assassinated Ernst Rohm 2.

Promoted himself to President a. Pronounced We minar Republic dead F. As President, Hitler fulfilled longings 1. Disobeyed Treaty of Versailles a.

By Trade 2. Annexed Russia and W. Czechoslovakia 3. Signed non-aggression pact with Stalin- of Soviet Union a.

1939 b. Shocked people, thought to be enemies G. The Pact 1. Paved way for the start of WWI 2.

Portioned Poland with Soviet Union, which sparked war 3. Hitler ignored pact; invaded the Soviet Union a. War started III. Conclusion When the Great Depression started, Germany was at such a downfall, they would go to any means necessary to survive. Hitler promised everyone everything they wanted, and he stuck to those promises.

He made Germany stronger, he ended the reparations with the allies, the Treaty of Versailles, and he stamped out Marxism and corruption. He had many supporters because the Great Depression let him promise the people anything. People voted for Hitler, and he climbed on top, rose above all, all because of the false sense of security he provided after the Great Depression.