coming soon. I will place the essay on line tomorrow. It is about the Impact of Augustus in Greece. The essay talks about the imperial cult, the genius of Augusts and what he did for religious, political, and economic success in ancient rome.

Augustus did a great job as a leader because he desired to have a back to basics mentality and get the kingdom up to par with what good values and morals should be. I touch on the base of what Augustus did as a follower of Julius Ceasar, and what he did to his daughter Julia for hanging out with Ovid, the perverted love poetry man. Another paper I can submit is about Japanese psychology. It entails detailed information about the history of psychology in Japan and who were the prominent leaders of the discipline. It started in Kyoto University, then moved to Univserity of Tokyo.

It explains the impact of psychology and its emergence into Japanese society. I wrote another essay on China and the massacre at nanking in 1937 by the Japanese military. It talks of the rapes, murders, stealing, prostitution, and plunderings of the chinese people committed by the Japanese. It was a devastating moment in China's History. The shame and guilt that go along with such atrocity was rampant. The essay deals with what measures Japan took on gaining control and showing China who was in charge.

One other essay I will get on this site is about the biography of Calvin Coolidge, who was president in the 1920's. His life was an interesting one and you will be a boe to look at it when I get it posted.