The well known telephone is one of the biggest inventions that have impacted our daily lives. As well, many innovations have been created because of the telephone that are included in our everyday lifestyles. The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell on March, 10 1876. Bell was 29 years old and he had been trying to create the telephone from 1872 - 1876.

Finally, he found the perfect idea and the success with the telephone came from a direct attempt to improve the telegraph. The telephone was described as being able to "talk with electricity." In 1877, construction of the first telephone line was from Boston to Somerville, Massachusetts. By the end of 1880, there were 47, 900 telephones in the United States. The telephone has been apart of everyone's daily lives and to imagine our lives without the telephone would be so boring. People use phones to do business, talk to family and friends far away or near to them, to get advice or just to chat and to get help. People would be so lonely without the telephone.

When we are in danger or need help, we use phones to call the police or others. The telephone helps to save peoples lives and keep them safe. The phone has also helped us develop our social relationships with others, even when they are far away or not getting along. From the invention of the telephone, innovations have been made to improve our everyday lifestyles.

Such as the cell phone which is very popular. Cell phones can be used for safety and for fun but beware of running up the bills. Another innovation is the internet. The internet was first connected to run through phone lines.

And without the telephone the internet might have never been invented. The internet is also in our everyday lives. It connects us with the whole world and lets us have curiosity to search any topic we want. It helps us with school work and business work. In conclusion the telephone has made a huge impact in our lives and lifestyles. We have the telephone to keep in touch with people and to help us.

The innovations that were made like the cell phone which is a telephone that is wireless and we can take with us anywhere. And last is the internet that we can search anything over the whole world. Therefore, since the telephone is needed in our daily lives so are the great innovations that have come from the telephone. The telephone is a famous invention and we have created and learned so much from it..