Welcome to the Normal company in Normal burg, USA. Years ago, something very exciting happened to the Normal company that made it not so normal anymore. This very exciting thing that transformed the Normal Company forever was simply known as Zapp! You cannot see or hear Zapp in the normal world, but it is a very powerful force in the universe, and it occurs when employees and team members are empowered. Throughout the book Zapp! , Joe Mode, who is the supervisor at Normal Company, is constantly faced with challenges and crisis that overwhelm him. The department that Joe is responsible for, department N, is not performing well and Joe Mode is getting hassled by upper management to pick up the slack. The problem is that department N's employees are not especially content to be at work, and as a result, the overall quality levels are deteriorating.

Joe Mode knows this and he decides to travel to the 12 th dimension to try and fix department N's troubles. On his travels through the 12 th dimension Joe Mode notices a strange light emanating from the employees in the highly successful department Z. Upon further investigation Joe Mode soon learns that the strange light is actually Zapp, and it seems to be working wonders in department Z where Lucy Storm supervises. Finally Joe Mode decides to implement Zapp in department N. When he first starts to use Zapp, Joe Mode notices that it is having a negative effect, and he is in fact Sapping his employees not Zapping them. Sapp is the exact opposite of Zapp and it occurs when the rules of Zapp are not followed correctly.

Joe Mode realizes this and decides to create a notebook that contains the rules of Zapp. Below is a copy of Joe Mode's notebook.