American Industrial Revolution Vs. Lorax Many great authors of our time use historical issues as a framework basis in which to build a story upon. The great Dr. Seuss uses the story of the Lorax to resemble what was being interwoven through the time of the great American Industrial Revolution.

Even though the era raised many glories, it had an even greater downfall facing economical issues. From 1750-1914 America and Western countries were standing face-to-face with one of the greatest revolutions of all time. The Industrial Era led the world to advancements in machinery, medicine, travel, and even literature. If it was not for this great era, most of the products we live off of today may have never been invented. Just think, what would the world be like today without electricity? What about heating, factories, and even planes? The list could go on and on; but reality is, that's how the world and its people worked hundreds of years ago.

One enclosed clean environment without pollution. Before the 1750's our country resembled a lot to the land of the Lorax before Once-ler came into the picture. Clean air, clean surroundings, with a natural balance in everyday life. But then came along James Watt, better know as the head Once-ler of this era. James led the world, and the country along with him on his invention of the steam engine.

After him came many other Once-ler's inventing all kinds of inventions modernizing every day life forever. Factories started assembling just about as fast as Drafula Trees were being chopped down in the Lorax. Sure there were many prosperous aspects to all the inventions, but people neglected to realize the downsides to the industrialization. As Factories started developing many people fled to the site in search for jobs.

People came by the masses, from all over the country in hope to find some form of labor. Little cities grew into larger ones with fewer, and fewer, space for housing. With people moving from all ends of town, they dragged along with them untreated diseases waiting to be unleashed. Primary producers for the cities were being cut off in order to build expansion. Before you knew it cities became disease infested, life, and pollution causing machines. Life expectancy dropped from the age of seventy, to the age of forty-five.

No one at the time seemed to take action, or in our case be Lorax like. People soon began destroying the environment with new inventions, just about as fast as the environment was destroying them. Nature's natural cycles were being destroyed with each new city going into business. Plant and Animal life dropped drastically, our environment was lowered forever. In the Lorax the land of the Drafula Tree never grew back to normal, in today's society neither did our environment. Sure life went on, but it just was never the same.

Their wouldn't have been much that people could have done from preventing the pollution from this era, but somewhere there could have been one Lorax who could have monitored amounts being produced, rather than a population and environment being reduced. Today people neglect to realize the environment we destroyed as a result to expanding and modernizing everyday life even more. Never again will a simple thing such as air be as fresh as it was back hundreds of years ago. The collection of pollution that our world has been adding to since the 1750's, has taken a bigger toll on our everyday life than people might think. So please help reduce pollution, not for yourself, but for your future.