Essay Question: Why was the German victory at Dunkirk called a ^aEURoemiracle^a EUR by the Allies who lost the battle? The German victory at Dunkirk was called a miracle by the Allies who lost the battle because of the massive rescue effort that carried an unbelievable 338, 000-exhausted soldiers safely to Britain. This battle looked hopeless for the Allied troops to survive as they were cornered onto the beaches of Dunkirk by the German army. In May of 1940, Hitler prepared to attack France after the Scandinavian conquest. The French, expecting a defensive war, built rows of defenses along their border with Germany called the Maginot Line; built to prevent the Germans from invading France. They were completely unprepared for Hitler, s German parachutists that dropped from the skies right over their defense line and German tanks that plowed straight through it. Lines of these forceful tanks drove Allied troops towards the port of Dunkirk.

Germans backed the Allied soldiers against the ocean, leaving thousands of helpless men trapped. While the Germans paused in finishing off the vulnerable army, the British established a rescue operation to save their immovable troops. Many volunteers supported the rescue by providing their private yachts, ferries, lifeboats, and fishing boats to save the soldiers. For 8 days British rescue ships traveled back and forth through the smoke as German artillery pounded Dunkirk, s docks and beaches. The Battle of Dunkirk looked as if the German army would hopelessly slaughter the Allied soldiers. Fortunately for the pause of the Germans, a rescue was set up to save the Allied troops from certain death.

An incredible number of soldiers were saved in a short period of time defying the odds, thus making it known as the Miracle of Dunkirk.