Adam Pe cina 2/10/2002 History 2 nd What is a Renaissance man? Do you know? Well a renaissance man is someone that has a broad range of talents. In during the renaissance Leonardo Da Vinci was first Renaissance man. Over time many people have fit into the role as a renaissance man. During are time we can pick out many. Michel Jordan is modern day renaissance man. Jordan all his life played basketball and baseball.

Then he became a professional basketball player. He is considered the best to ever play. He also managed after basketball to start baseball on a team and played with them. He also became a business man by owning the basketball team named the Wizards.

Jordan has shown me that if you are great and many things why not use that to your advantage and show other people. Jordan has affected are world by shocking them with his unbelievable talents in basketball. Jordan has many talents and abilities that show a true renaissance man. Another person that I think is a modern day Renaissance man is my dad. My dad has many talents and abilities.

My dad knows a lot about almost everything. He has 20 years into the fieldwork of construction. He also knows all about computers since his new field of work is doing all of that and has been for 7 years. He also is involved in many activities. This includes he is very active in are church, does favors for people, travels some of the year to many places around the U. S.

My dad has affected me by showing me that life doesn't come easy that you have to go control it. My dad has influenced the world by helping many that have been unhappy and made them happy. There are wide verities of types of renaissance men... These people are well rounded. They also have great talents that are spread over many things.

During any time these people have helped are world get ahead in the world and make it better.