Egypt was set to have been the country with the most pyramids ever built. The main reasons why pyramids were built was because it was set to be a place where they would put the pharoah. It was called the house of the pharoah. There they gathered all the belongings of the pharoah. They also followed a prosses of mummification. The first step in the mummification prosses was that they remove all of the organs in the body after death.

They would keep the heart because it was a symbol of intellenge. They took out the brain through the nose and threw it away because it wasn't as important. After taking all of the organs out they put them in a jar. Then they slowly rapped the body until it was covered from head to the toe. This process usually took to about 70 days. They did this process because they believe if the soul of the person wanted to return back it would have to have a body to be able to be in.

This is why they had the process of mummification done. Egypt was well known for its pyramids. A pharoah usually took over in Egypt. Egypt really did not have slaves working for them. The people who were mostly Hebrews had to work to pay off their taxes or labor. There were usually people who did die during their work hours.

One of the famous known heroes was Moses. He freed the Hebrews out of Egypt. Ramses was the great known Pharoah in Egypt who did not want to let the Hebrews go. Ramses finally let them go when God sent the plague of the first son's death..