My commitment to Americas future Americas future is what we will make of it, it is how we will shape it, and how we will transform it. Americas future is bright, bold and colorful ready for anything. We will be the next to come into this nation and we will change it. We will hold a president, we will be the voice of the nation, we will be the back-bone of the nation.

To provide for it, to defend it and too love it. We will have an influence on what our nation does. I plan to be there every step of the way with my generation and to help all of my fellow citizens. I want to see communities lifted up off, of the mire and put up on solid rocks. I want to see hunger and homelessness cease to exist. I want to be that person out there that is helping America's future become stronger and bolder.

I want to be a positive influence to the generation above and below me. To help them make the right decisions. To help them know what is ethical and what isn't. To help them know that there is some one who really cares about them.

When found, that person will never let them down. He will be the biggest influence in their life and possibly their generation and hopefully ours. Our country needs to turn its eyes back to where they came from when our forefathers wrote "In God we trust." Where has that Ideal gone? Out the window? I think that the people in America have forgotten about the total freedom that they have and where they " ve gotten it from. Do they realize the affect that they could have on Americas future? Or just the affect that they could have on the people around them?