Napoleon was one of the greatest military leaders of all time. By 1812 Napoleon had expanded the territory of France all over Europe including Spain, Italy, Holland, and Switzerland. Napoleon was one of the first leaders to rule over so many territories at the same time, which in France made him and innovator and a hero. In the time when Napoleon ruled France the people were under strict rule. Napoleon took the rights of the common people seriously.

By conquering the monarchies he expanded rights throughout Europe. People under the rule of Napoleon were willing to give up everything for there leader. Bonaparte instilled an extreme feeling of nationalism in his people. However, Napoleon lost 430, 000 troops trying to defeat Russia. Badly weakened by the loss, the mass movement for freedom was defeated at Waterloo. After this loss of men the people of France were no longer willing to go into battle and die for there country and they no longer had such a great feeling of nationalism.

In modern society the feeling of nationalism is also great, The people of America are also willing to go to war and die for there country. Napoleon was one of the first leaders to have the idea of nationalism. Although Napoleon was a very good leader he dictated to his people more than he let them have freedoms, unlike in America where our leaders allow us to say what we think and feel. Americans in modern society are also able to have a say in how they are ruled by being able to vote for who rules over us. The people of France did not chose Napoleon as leader he took the throne of France, which at first seemed really good for France until he started taking over other countries and starting wars. After he began taking over most of Europe his ego became to big and that's when he started to be more forceful and started to dictate over his people.

Today in America we have three government branches that work together to rule over America and make the laws. Napoleon took over France in 1799 and made the legislature dissolve. He also abolished the Directory, which was one of the best parts of the government in France at that time. Napoleon wanted to do everything himself and make all of the decisions. It is true that a dominating ruler is a bad thing, but if people allow themselves to be dominated aren't they just as bad? Bonaparte dictated over his people for a very long time, but the people did not fight back, until major war broke out. The people of France allowed themselves to be dominated until there safety was threatened then they began to fight back and win back the freedom to have a say in how there government is run.

The people of any country should not allow themselves to be completely dominated by there government, they should be apart of it and have a say in how they are ruled even if it means fighting for it. Bibliography Casey Harrison, Teaching the French Revolution, web February 8, 2003.