Once upon a time in the year of 2002, there was a leader of a small part of land know as the south side of old St. Louis. He was one of the best-elected rulers of his time because he was more than a man he was also was two thirds of a god. His power and rank, as leader, went to his head because he knows that no one in the world could stop him even if they tried.

The people of south St. Louis cried out to Jeff to help them. Jeff creates a man with animal instincts, Chris, in the forest of California. One day in the Ozarks, a Bob was out checking his traps for animals and found Chris in one of them.

Bob told people of his discovery and was advised to have Amber, a temple harlot of St. Louis, to come visit him. A few hours later Amber arrived in the Ozarks area and realizes that Chris is the answer to the people prays for help. She offer, s her body to him and he accepts her offer. He instantly looses his strength and wildness but gains the ability of understanding and knowledge.

Back in St. Louis Nate has a dream that beast has come to destroy the city and it is so power that he can stop it but not move in any direction at all. He had another dream like the first one but this time it was laser tower instead of a beast. Chris and Amber return to the south side, and run into Nate as he louts the newly open shop, the leader get free first picks. Chris sees this and with his new found ability of understanding he knows his is wrong and tries to stop Nate.

The two of them break out into a fight that lasts for day destroying some of the building in the area. Chris proposes that they stop fight because they are equally matched. Nate agrees and the two of them become friends. Nate starts acting nicer to people now that he has found a friend who is equal to him. One day Nate has an idea to go out deep into the far regions of the near by geto to retrieve the rare mineral of the phoenix ore. Chris know Matt, a demon that protects the geto from outsiders, and tries to make Nate change his mind about go there but Nate persisted about going.

They agree to go and fight Matt to gain entrances to the geto for the phoenix ore. Matt was not ready to fight when they arrived because he had on one of the armor plats instead of all seven of them. Chris and Nate easily defeated Matt but before Matt died he put a curse on Chris. They get all the phoenix ore and return to St. Louis and they become famous. Lara, a fertile goddess, is attracted to Nate now and what to become his lover.

Nate does not want to be with her and says no and insults her. She asks Jeff, her father, to have the rampaging Brandon to destroy Nate and St. Louis. When Brandon comes to attack Nate and Chris work together to stop him. Chris becomes sick after the encounters with Brandon form the gods for killing Brandon. Chris dies and Nate feels like one half on him is missing.

Nate starts to worry about death and wants to find away to live forever. Nate sets out to find Josh because it is said that he has lived for a long time, hundreds of years. He finds Josh and asks him how to be immortal. Josh tells Nate that all he has to do is drink five hundred litters of soda in twenty-four hours. Nate was only able to drink one hundred before his stomach was to upset to drink any more.

Josh has mercy for Nate and tells him that he must find a cow with a patch of blue on it and grill a T-bone from that cow. Nate found this cow does what Josh told him to do. He thought that this task was to easy and was not paying attention and fell to the ground. The T-bone hit the ground and Bandit, his pet dog, came by and ate it. The End The people Gilgamesh: Nate Enkindo: Chris Sham hat: Amber Ham baba: Matt Ishtar: Lara Bull: Brandon Utnapishtim: Josh Anu: Jeff Snake: (my dog) Bandit.