Mid-Term Essay Question - Native Americans Relationship to Social Studies I choose the fourth essay and will attempt to write about how my study of Native Americans relates to the definition of Social Studies. My definition of social studies is a course that studies the history, the people and the culture of a certain area. In the next two paragraphs, I will provide you with the information I have learned about Native American history so far this year. At least 10, 000 years ago, Native Americans made history by crossing the Bering Strait into what is now called North America. They migrated through the East and through the South, eventually spreading to the present-day North Carolina. The first contact made between Europeans and Indians was a pleasant one.

The Indians taught the Europeans their way of life and their many different skills in exchange for manufactured goods. However, the Europeans took advantage of the Indian's hospitality and started to take their land. This caused conflict between the Indians and the Europeans which led to many wars. There is little history recorded about Indians between the 1700's and early 1800's. But with the help of political parties, the Indians began to re-establish their identities and their tribes in the late 1800's. As the European settlers began to study the Indians, they grouped the Indians by their languages.

The three language groups of North Carolina were the Iroquian, the Siouan, and the Algonquian. The Iroquian's settled in the mountain region, the Siouan's settled in the Piedmont region, and the Algonquian's settled in the coastal plains region. They were also divided into four cultures groups. The Paleo Indians arrived before 10, 000 years ago.

They were the only Indians to hunt big game like Bison. The Paleo Indians were nomads. The Archaic Indians were hunters of small game, nuts and roots... These were the first Indians to make their own shelter. The Woodland Indians were the first to grow crops and to use a bow and arrow to hunt instead of spears.

They lived in round houses in small villages. The Mississippian Indians also hunted small game and grew crops but lived in towns with ceremonial buildings. In conclusion, I want to talk a little bit about making connections. I have been taught throughout Social Studies that it is important to make connections between the material presented and history.

I think I have just written about one of the most important connections in North Carolina history. Not the connection of knowledge, but the connection of land (the land bridge) that brought the first Native Americans to North America. This is how the history of Native Americans began. Ten thousand years ago, life seemed to be carefree for the Indians, but today things have become much more sophisticated and tribes span across the continents, from coast to coast.