Try to imagine our society without any laws? Just stepping outside your door would expose you to a large range of potential dangers. Without any laws keeping out theft, any would-be criminal could try to assault you. Worse still, strangers could try to attack or injure you physically and mentally. The world is already in so much dilemma and sorrow, if we didn't have laws in Australia, our country dubbed as the 'lucky country' would be uncivilized.

The reasons we have law is to provide safety for all individuals in society, to allow society to function professionally and with security. To outline and protect the rights and interests of all. To work out disputes and to provide a way for changing the law. Laws also exist to protect the rights and interests of all members of society. All of us have rights as citizens; our right to have a good reputation, if someone was to deliberately destroy that good name by spreading fake information about you, it would be impossible to sue. For the reason that the law would not exist to enable you to do so.

Assuming your car has not been already stolen, once you start driving on our roads, more tribulations would await you there. If there were no road laws, drivers could do as they want behind the wheel of their vehicles. The streets would be common with violence and steeling, rapists and murderers would walk free as if what they " re doing is a logical and normal thing to do. We have laws to make sure that we protect ourselves, for instance. The laws require that cyclists wear helmets while riding their bikes and passengers in cars to wear their seatbelts at all times. If the law isn't going to look after us who will, and if the law isn't going to keep our society civilized what will? Although a number of egotistical people may think that they " re old enough, responsible enough and big enough to have no laws at all, they " re wrong.

Some people are not strong enough to stand up to rapists; some people are not rich enough to pay for all the things that were stolen from their house. Most people are not physically, emotionally, and powerful enough to go without laws. We need laws to protect us from all the wrongs in our society; we need laws to give us a sense of direction and the ability to do things in a safe and well manor. If we didn't have them our society would be crazy, murderers, muggers and rapists would walk free and nothing would ever be safe again. Who would risk outdoors and go to school or work? How long would society exist under these conditions? Law exists for the reason to ensure we can co-exist efficiently. Legal Text book? ?.