Pat Conroy and the children are all learning. In this chapter we see a more thoughtful and compassionate Conroy. We see more intelligent and well rounded student. The children are more knowledgeable of the world around them.

They once didn't know the name of the country in which they lived but know they even know the name of the president the leads their country. They enjoy listening to the news being broadcasted on the radio. They are gradually becoming more inquisitive also. In this chapter we also get to know Mrs. Brown better. She is a rude fowl women with a perverted perspective of teaching African American students.

Chapter four Chapter four begins with Conroy walking and exploring the island and all it has to offer. He has visited a place that the islanders referrer to as Bloody Point. A place where the British forced a tribe of Native Americans to the edge of river bank and murder them; men, women, and children. In this chapter we also get to know the Stones more.

Mr. Stone is a racist, who hates hippies. He performs well as a sportsman and a hunter. He also killed a man in the name of his country. Mrs. Stone, like Mr.

Stone holds down most of the positions on the island. She is the school bus driver and the postmaster. She is also the wife of the man who posses a car on the island or a radio which the only form of communication with the main land. Closing they chapter we were introduced to Zeke and Ida. They are very opinionated people. Although they use a lot of profanity, they seem to be good people.

Ending the chapter Conroy falls in love and with Barbara Boiling Jones. He marries her a month latter.