As U. S. citizens we really don't realize what a great life we are living. We never have a problem with food, there are jobs out there for everyone, almost everyone household as a T.

V and access to the Internet. There are public schools for everyone and anyone can go get a college degree. Big problems that occur in our life occur everyday are nothing to those that live in some of these third world countries. Probably about 90% of our country couldn't survive a year living the life of some of these third world countries. Egypt is a third world country that is filled with poverty. Although the poverty in Egypt is not as bad some other smaller third world countries it's still there.

Egypt is taking many steps to improve its country and come out of poetry. Egypt under President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak holds about 70, 712, 345 people in its country. It's a very dry hot dessert area and plant and water life are very vacant. The country lives under periodic droughts, frequent earthquakes. Flash floods, landslides, and hot driving windstorms. These Natural hazards cause many problems for people who want to plant goods.

They do have some water ways like the Nile river which runs right through the country. They plant a lot of agricultural products but a lot of the machinery and food they receive are all imports. The export is about $7. 1 billion dollars a year and import about $164 billion. From this you can really see how much they really need products from other countries like the U. S and how poverty is a big factor in there lives.

Another big problem with Egypt that they are looking to fix is the Education. There are schools and classes to help kids and adults read but there is just not enough. A lot of the country is not educated in reading or writing. Only about 51.

4% of the total population can read and write. This is for ages from 15 and over, you can see that they need to improve on their education. They really need to get the younger kids reading, and need to get the females learning more not just working around the house. Only 38. 8% of the females over 15 can read and write. The poverty in Egypt has really put a lot of hurt on there life expectancy.

Female women have a life expectancy of 66. 24 years and for males its about 61. 96 years, that is just retirement for men and women living in the US. There are many steps towards improvement going on in Egypt right now. The United Nations Development program is doing a big part in improving Egypt. The biggest goal of The UNDP is to fight poverty and improve the quality of life for those living in Egypt.

One of the biggest ways that the UNDP is fighting poverty is starting more jobs across the country. They hope this will help educate more people in the country and help with the supply and demand. They feel with more people working, it will help make the country more economically better. The UNDP has built up private sectors and promoted local development through its support to small and medium-scale enterprises.

UNDP is helping to establish Integrated Business Support Centers in Egypt, which will provide small businesses with training, information, support services and technical assistance. This will in all help educate more and more people and will help spread the job opportunity everywhere, which will ultimately produce a better more educated economy. The UNDP is not only helping with the job opportunity in Egypt but is also has projects to help the country be more technology developed. While the country has only about 1-2% access to the Internet they are trying to develop programs that give free access to the Internet for all people. UNDP is working with the government to produce over 300 Technology Access Community Centres. This would allow free access to the Internet and have classes that would educate people on the computers and Internet.

This would also help in job opportunities and help in developing building that work on fighting poverty. Today the main tool being used to support Information and Communications Technology -for-development is the ICT Trust Fund for Egypt, which has been established under the joint auspices of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in Egypt and the UNDP. Egypt faces many environmental challenges. Protecting the country's natural resources and regenerating those resources that have suffered degradation stand as important features of sustainable development and the campaign to help the poor. Promoting renewable energy technologies & efficient lighting systems and energy conservation techniques as well as Clean Development Mechanism activities, including the introduction of fuel cell buses and electric buses. Another steps is Protecting groundwater and international surface waters from pollution and demonstrating the use of low cost techniques for wastewater treatment through a pilot project in Lake Mandala.

As you can see the UNDP is making big steps in helping Egypt come out of poverty. I feel that although Egypt doesn't have some of the bigger problems that the other third world countries have but its does have a lot of little ones. It seems that Egypt biggest problems are with the weather conditions and a lot of the education. Its great to have a program like the UNDP to help out Egypt anyway it can. UNDP is making great steps to help them out and is going above and beyond to get Egypt out of poverty. Egypt has come a long way from when it first got its Independence and there is nothing but progress ahead..