History Coursework Introduction On november 11 th 1918 the first world war came to an end. germany was defeated and the allied forces of britian, france and latterly the USA had won. casualties on both sides had been enormous about 5142631 people were killed and 22064427 were injured. in this piece of work I will be investigating how germany planned to win the war by christmas; how that plan failed; how the war developed into a stale mate; how that stalemate was finally broken. Part one: The Schlieffen Plan Born is 1833 Cout Alfred Von Schlieffen was from 1891 to 1905 the boss of the general staff of the army. Briefly before his retirement he submitted a memorandum for a German two-front war against Russia and France: his plan was they should attack France and Russia they would first attack france and defeat them then send all the troops to Russia the objectives were to eliminate the prospect of Germany having to fight on two fronts, with France in the West and Russia in the East.

The idea was to invade France through Brussels and Luxembourg which were neutral and attack the French fortresses in the rear. It was thought that with France defeated, Germany would be able to concentrate on Russia. They estimated that the plan would be complete in six weeks. Map of the Schlieffen plan (from web) in conclusion the war is the fault of the germans not the uk or us they are really hard dont mess with them or die.