The civil war lasted from 1861-1865. It was fought so the slaves may have there freedom, but the north wanted that but the south didnt. It was fought right here in the united states against the noth and the south. It was to help give the african americans freedom. the reason the south did not want to give the african americans there freedoms was because they used the slaves in there plantations to pick cotton, and they did not want to do this work or pay someone good money to do this work. The civil war was the only war fought right here in the united states, and the only one that our people fought against there own people.

The civil war was fought for a good reason which is the freedoms of the african americans it is what gave them there freedoms and they no longer had to be slaves because the north won against the south. Abraham linc on was president at this time. the north had to begin reconstruction because it won the civil war and many of the places in which they fought such as Gettysburg h was destroyed during the war. The civil war made many changes now the african americans had there freedom they did not know what to do.

They were use to working for the slave owners and now they were free to do what they wanted. Now they had to go out and get there own jobs and many people would not give it to the african americans. there was also still a seperation of whites and blacks. Blacks could not eat at the same place as the whites or use the same restrooms or drinking fountains. It should have been a great time for the african americans but it was a very very very frighting time for the african americans, they did not know what to do after the great civil war.