Approximately one hundred and thirty five years ago, Canada became a nation. Over this period of time, many individuals have had an impact on the history of Canada and have helped to shape Canada into the great nation it now is. However, four individuals proved to be more influential than the rest. These four individuals, who were most significant to Canadian history, were Sit John A. MacDonald, General Sam Hughes, William Lyon Mackenzie King, and Adolph Hitler. These men proved to be highly consequential in the history of this nation because they all, in their own way, either helped Canada get out of problems it was facing, set the nation off on a new and better track, and finally helped to prove Canada's independence.

Not one person could doubt Sir John A. MacDonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada and a father of Confederation, to be one of the most significant people in Canadian History. As a father of Confederation, he helped form Canada into a nation. Had he not done this, Canada would have been taken over by the United States of America. Being the first Prime Minister of Canada, he was a founding father of Canada who basically started the Canadian economy and culture.

MacDonald also helped to prove Canada's independence by joining the former British colonies into a strong union and governing this union as its own nation, while trying to free it from British or American influence. General Sam Hughes, though not the most loved Canadian, was the most significant individual in history during the World War I era. Hughes was responsible for the birth of Val Cartier Camp, the largest training camp in Canada, where soldiers were prepared for the battlefields. Though many say he was too tough on the soldiers, and his unpopular decisions, such as the choice to use the Ross rifle, led to his eventual downfall, no one can deny that this former Minister led the Canadian army to victory. As a result of the training received at Val Cartier camp, Canadian soldiers captured Vi my Ridge, which was a most significant moment in Canadian history as it won Canada an invitation to the Paris Peace Conference. At the Paris Peace Conference, the Canadian delegates helped form the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, which was important as it meant Canada was to be recognized as its own nation, rather than simply a piece of the British Empire.

This chain of events, which will forever leave a mark in Canadian History, all occurred as a result of the actions of General Sam Hughes. As a Prime Minister of Canada, William Lyon Mackenzie King was very significant in Canadian history, far more than any other individual during the "roaring" twenties and the "dirty" thirties. This follower of the Occult helped Canada proved it's independence by refusing to send troops to Turkey during the Chana k affair, which helped prove Canada's independence as it demonstrated that Canada would no longer follow orders from Britain. He also took a leading role at the Imperial Conference of 1926, where the Balfour Declaration was signed.

This document states that British dominions were to be autonomous and equal in status. King also signed the Halibut Treaty with the United States without a co-signature from the British Ambassador in the United States. This demonstrated Canada's independence as it proved that Canada no longer felt that Canadian foreign affairs needed British approval. The fourth most significant person in Canadian history, though not a Canadian, was Adolph Hitler. As a leader of the National Socialist German Workers' Party, and the leader of Nazi Germany, he started World War II, which was what got Canada out of the terrible depression.

His Final Solution, which was his plan for the extermination of the Jews, caused the people of Canada to realize their racist ways and change them. Without this realization, Canada might not be the unprejudiced and multicultural nation it now is. It was also Hitler's war that caused Canada's involvement in D-Day, which helped prove Canada's ability to fight in a major battle and win. Sir John A. MacDonald, General Sam Hughes, William Lyon Mackenzie King, and Adolph Hitler are the most significant individuals in Canadian history because they all, in their own way, either helped Canada out of the trials and tribulations it was facing at the time, set the nation off into a new track, or fought for the country's independence. These four individuals helped Canada by the great nation it now is, and one could hope that every man, woman, and child can not only appreciate the freedom and the lifestyle we enjoy as a result of the actions of these men, but also to follow in their footsteps..