How can role models affect our lives? Many people have their own role models, and role models can affect our lives very much. In The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn, Huck thinks Tom as the most idealistic person and respects him very much. Huck gets most of his inspiration from Tom, and became more smart and idealistic person though out the novel. But Huck also loses his self - esteem for believe in Tom as the greatest. Also Tom made Huck a new person.

But no matter what, believe in Tom made Huck successful in the novel. Huck got most of his ideas from what would Tom do if he was in his (Huck's) situation. Huck thought Tom as a role model, a friend, and also a rival. Huck became more creative and tries to be as good as Tom is. Although Huck always thinks Tom is the greatest and would never be as good as him, Huck tried hardest when he compared himself with Tom. By comparing himself with Tom, Huck learns how he could be better.

Through out the novel, Huck became as good as Tom. If Tom did not existed on the novel, Huck would never showed his creative and courage side of him. Having Tom as a role model helped Huck to go through his journey better. Tom gives Huck inspiration to express what he could do.

Sin Huck tries to be as good as tom is, Huck does everything to improve to be as good as Tom. To Huck, Tom is the inspiration for his self-improvement. Hauck may not realize that he could be better than Tom, but that is why Huck is keep trying and push himself. Huck lost his individuality and lost self-esteem.

Although Huck got many benefits for believe in Tom and think like Tom, this made Huck lose his individuality. Huck tried too hard to be like Tom, and even tried to think like Tom. This helped him to go thorough the journey, but it did not help him to improve self-esteem. Huck always thinks he is not as good as Tom is, and never will be. This will affect him in his life a lot.

In reality, confidence is very important thing, when you are confident, people will trust you. But Huck does not have confidence in himself, and people will also think of Huck that he is not as good as Tom, even though he might be. Believe in role model and thinking negative in yourself also can be harmful. Having a role model can be both good and bad. Competitiveness will make oneself get better, and give inspiration. But Huck also pushed himself too much and thinks he will never be good as Tom.

This will affect Huck in his life in a bad way. But nonetheless Huck got many benefits from wanting to be like Tom. It made Huck successful in the novel. Through out life we will have our own role models, they could be famous stars or professionals or even parents or friends, but whoever they are the most important thing about role models is that they give us inspirations to us. Wanting to be like someone, people say that we should be ourselves, but having role models is not just wanting to be that person. It gives us inspiration to dream to be as good as that person or even a better person.

Like Huck, as he honored Tom and wanting to be like him gave him inspiration and made him to improve himself. Tom's existence made Huck in the novel.