Totalitarianism is a form of government in which all of the societal resources are monopolized by the state in an effort to make a way into and control all aspects of public and private life, through the use of propaganda, terror, and technology. Totalitarian regimes differ from older concepts of dictatorship. Totalitarian regimes seek to create complete political, social and cultural control, whereas dictatorships seek limited, typically political, control. Many times in the world, leaders such as Stalin would establish a totalitarian government. This form of government is one that maintains complete control over its citizens. In a totalitarian, individuals have no rights, and the government suppresses all conflict.

Three major world leaders that followed this system were Fascist, Benito Mussolini, Nazi Adolf Hitler, and communist Joseph Stalin. Fascist, Benito Mussolini believed in extreme nationalism, militaristic expansionism, private property with strong government controls, and anti-communist. He was a very charismatic leader. A lot like Mussolini was Adolf Hitler. He also believed in extreme nationalism, anti-communism, militaristic expansionism, and private property with strong government controls. Although he wasn't a charismatic leader he was a very forceful one, and he also followed extreme racism.

And finally there is communist, Joseph Stalin. His ideas were, create a sound communist stat and wait for world revolution, have the revolution by workers, eventually have the working class rule and state ownership of property. All three leaders played critical roles in WWII. Most popular of all was Adolf Hitler, dictator of Germany and Nazis. Hitler came to power by the help of the great depression. About 6 million Germans were unemployed.

These people were desperate and turned to Hitler as a last hope. This giving Hitler more support gave him more votes becoming chancellor. Mussolini gained his power throughout Italy by advertising for war veterans fight the politicians. This began fascism. The workers, veterans, jobless youth and business men feared the communism spreading throughout Italy so they supported the fascist system, helping Mussolini gain his political power and becoming dictator. This was also caused and decided when he formed a march on Rome with thousands of his black-shirted followers.

In early Russia, hopes for democracy faded away to civil war, resulting in the communist state, the Soviet Union in 1922. When Lenin died in 1924 Stalin to control of the country. All three of these leaders played a crucial role in WWII. Like I mention before, Hitler was probably the most known leader from this time period, he was allied with Benito Mussolini but not Stalin.

Mussolini was used as a toy due to Hitler saving him from his country. He owed Hitler his life and Hitler took full advantage of this. Unlike Hitler and Mussolini, Stalin favored the communist state.