yes he was. The Four year Plan was a Nazi programme developed at hitler's request by Hermann Go erring. The Plan, introduced in 1936 replaced the less radical policies of Schade. Integral to the planning were the longer term aims of the Nazi leadership. This plan would, if successful, take germany towards the goal of autarky, develop industry to a position where it could match or better the output of other major nations whilst producing goods of similar, if not better, quality. The plan included reference to militarism, Public Works and a further development of the infrastructure of Germany.

In essence the plan moved Germany towards a position where the aims of lebensraum and autarky could be fulfilled. Military strength and manufacturing related to this would enable expansion fo the empire, improvements to the infrastructure would reduce the need to import goods whilst also making war time communications and troop movements easier. The results of the plan were that germany was confident enought to go to war by 1939. Unemployment levels had rapidly fallen in the period 1936-1939 (although wages and woking conditions were not as high as they were before the Wall Street Crash). The plan enabled the creation of lebensraum: it provided the military might to allow this to function. It did not achieve autarky however as a large percentage of goods still had to be imported: the nazi's did develop a large number of synthetic material in this period, many of which are still in common use today (Certain forms of Rubber for example.