The Constitution was written that said that all men were created equal. However, many American women wanted to have the rights and freedoms as men did. But women were totally dependent on men for everything. When the revolution began many women began to help support the cause of the revolution. In doing so woman began to found the first large-scale woman's association in American history. That showed sprit and support for their loved ones in the fight for freedom.

Some women were disapproving of this act, although many women worked hard in collecting money because the hard currency was sacra in America. They printed articles in the newspaper for support of the revolution and went from house to house collecting money along with any contributions that could be given. The action was a success however many woman had to work hard and not work on common things as most woman would have in that time period, such as hair, clothes, and elaborate vain work. Many were obligated to give in the efforts of the war and had to sell and give things to make up for the coast of the war. So many were impressed with the efforts along with George Washington, however, he had a different view on the money should be spent while the ladies wanted the clothe their family.

After seeing what the use of clothes would do for the men he later gave in to the plan to have the men clothed. This was a huge step in history for woman's rights it showed the patriotism of America women along with a great contubiton.