World War Two Canada had just finished World War one and were still recovering from the evil and horrifying memories of the First World War. Canada had came to a decision that it would be for the best of the Canadian interest to join World War two and put an end to Germany. Britain had declared war in early September and exactly one week later Canada declared war on Germany. Not only was Germany going to be stopped but there were also other effects that Canada was very proud of. Canada had joined World War 2 as an independent country and this would have a big outcome on the Canadian economy and put an end to Hitler and his German army. Canada had entered the war as an independent country.

Canada was no longer belonging to the British monarch. It was a Canadian decision to have entered the war. The English Canadians were all for war and wanted to support there British allies where as most of the French Canadians were against war, they felt they had no real ties with Britain. Also the French Canadians were against conscription because of the last war. The decision to enter World War 2 was determined by King and Lapointe; they had manoeuvred to bring Canada to war through the act of parliament. Parliament later came to a decision to enter World war, along with 100 million dollars to back Canadians up for supplies and what not.

John Mackenzie King had promised there would be no conscription for over seas. Instead of having conscription King had set up Training Camps in Canada to prepare troops for war. Men came from all over the world to take advantage of the Canadian land and idle conditions for war training. There were centers for air training along with ground training. But of course only qualified men went to training camps and women enlisted as well.

Canada had took on a large task. This symbolized strength of an independent country. Training Camps not only helped training but also helped the Canadian economy. The Canadian economy also hit a boom from World War 2. During this time in Canada there were 306, 000 people unemployed and 54, 884 people enlisted for war.

Because of the war there were many new job openings for those few 100, 000 people who didn't go to war. There were many new factories opening up and people needed for war, factory working, welding, and machinery. The war had brought upon a new economy for the Canadians. As part of the war King had promised to ship food, men, and supplies over to Britain as part of a deal. Canada became the key sources for food exports making Canada millions.

Also during the war Canada produced 100, 000 of thousands of cars and weapons for Canada and Britain. This was just what the Canadian economy need to recover from the Great Depression. Women joined the armed forces, and other women moved out into the workforce, taking on what had previously been men's roles in industry and commerce. Canada became large mass producers of weapons, food, and men, this helped Canada very much as people had gotten work and the economy was great. Not only did Canada achieve a great economy but they felt a need to stop Hitler. Canada felt that Hitler must be stopped along with Germany.

At first Hitler was a good icon and a safe person, but as time went on Britain discovered his evilness. First Britain declared war on Germany and later on Canada did. Hitler was an evil person who only believed in his race and that they were superior and everyone else should be killed like the Jewish people for example. Hitler started camps were he would send people and eventually torture and kill people through gas in the showers.

Canada felt that this kind of act was not right and did what they could to stop Germany along with allies. Six years after the war started Germany was defeated by the Allies and World War two was over and Canadian troops returned home after six long year of battle. Canada was justified by entering World War two. Canada's economy was making money as an independent country on there own. New technology was being produced and Canada was leading in producing food.

Although many people died in war, this war brought new meaning to Canadians they were there own country producing there own exports and making there own money independently. Most Importantly Hitler was stopped and people in the world could feel save again.