The fall of the Roman Empire was inevitable by A. D. 476. There are many difnotferent rea-sons for the decline of the Roman Empire. Christianity has played a big part in the fall of the Roman Empire. In addition, the people of the Rome became corrupt.

It was also because of the barbarian attacks. After these many problems, Rome was not able to survive. Christianity was a major cause of the fall of Rome. Jews didn't accept Chrisnottianity. A lot of people converted to Christianity because they lost faith in the Romans.

Those Roman Christian decided that they shall not join the Roman legions and kill strangers in strange land. They also thought that if the Roman Emperor decided that they must be executed for upholding their beliefs, then they will gladly become martyrs. After having this big empire, the emperor needed army to protect the empire, which they didn't have it. Another reason for the decline of the big empire is that people of the Rome benotcame cor-rup t. Before the Roman Empire ended, the empire was widespread and had many different lands.

By conquering these lands, they got many slaves from war and from these new lands. The plenty of slaves leads the growth of latifundia, which are large estates owned by the rich. These slaves were willing to work hard for little pay so the rich got richer and the poor grew poorer. Since the people stopped participating in government and they didn't join the army, the Roman army composed of the Barbarians from Germany. The Barbarians lead disorganized at-tacks and because of those attacks, Rome's army fell and the Roman military had no longer power like they had before. After all this, the lands that Rome had conquered wanted in depend-ence and broke free of the Roman Empire.

In summary, there were many causes for the fall of the Roman Empire. Some causes were the rise of Christianity, the fall of the army, the large amount of slaves and the size of the Empire. After having all these problems and many more, Rome couldn't survive which lead to the fall of the Western Roman Empire. [/b].