It is really a shame to think that some lesser-known languages in the world are getting totally wiped out from the face of the earth and the governments of those countries are doing nothing to save them. There are various reasons for the decrease in popularity of these languages. First of all, there are lots of countries in the world that have different languages spoken in different parts of the country. An example of such a country is India. A very small population speaks some of these languages, whereas many other languages are spoken by a considerable part of the country's population.

Because of the dominance of these more popular languages, these lesser-known languages are at a risk of getting lost. Secondly, most of these countries have only one official language in spite of the presence of many different popular languages. This is done in order to help people of different languages communicate with each other without having to learn all languages. Therefore the government concentrates more on popularizing the official language among masses. Some schools and education centers uses these official and more popular languages to communicate among the masses.

As such the lesser-known languages are totally ignored. Thirdly, people speaking these lesser-known languages may not have proper means to teach their language to others especially to their next generation. They may not have proper schools teaching their own languages. For example, in India, the state governments are trying to popularize the more prominent language in the state by making it compulsory for students to learn them in schools, but do not consider the lesser known languages. Finally, because of their unpopularity, people tend to get easily attracted to the more popular and easily spoken rich languages.

They start speaking and learning more about the more popular languages and therefore change their mother tongue according to convenience. For example, in India, the state governments popularize their dominant language by broadcasting programs in these languages through television or radio. This attracts people more to these languages instead of their own. The government has to come forward to prevent these languages from vanishing totally from the face of the earth.

It should try to open proper schools teaching these languages thereby encouraging people speaking these languages to send their children to such schools. Also, famous literary works can be translated to these languages to attract people to read these books. To further increase the popularity of these languages, the government can attempt to broadcast programs in these languages through television and radio. It should also try to encourage these people to love and respect their languages and to come forward and help the government to popularize them. Though it seems to be a very difficult task, the government should try its best to protect these languages from being completely lost.