October 26, 2003 $50, 000 Offered to Tall, Smart Egg Donor This essay was written by Gina Kolata, a science and medicine writer for the New York Times. She wrote this essay to argue about a case where and infertile couple put out and ad for an egg donor who was at least 5' 10" tall, had at least a 1400 SAT score, and has no major medical problems in her family. This ad appeared in newspapers at Ivy League universities around the country. They offered $50, 000 to an egg donor with the right requirements. The couple had received over 200 responses for an egg. The couple had run the same ad earlier without mentioning the amount of money that they would pay and only received 6 responses.

In the past ethicist's have argued about how much should be offered to an egg donor. They have also argued whether it is right to ask an egg donor to provide information such as SAT scores and medical records to infertile couples. One doctor made an argument that asking for specific traits is basically genetically engineering a child. The article ends with questions about how this made to order child is to be raised.

This essay was written very well. I liked how Kolata supported her arguments with quotes from various doctors and experts in the field. She also did a good job of looking at different points of view to make her argument more complete. This essay could have been better if she had included some of her opinions and not solely rely on the opinions of doctors.