War and Bush War has taken place all over the world. It is brutal at times even necessary, and the United States of America has seen its own share of wars. Since September 11, 2001, the President of the United States has launched a war on terrorism, and currently we are still at war. The War on Terrorism has been one of the most important battles our country has ever had and overall it has been the best for the U. S. as well as Iraq.

The United States does have its motives for the war, and those purposes are what make this country as safe as it is today. Before September 11, 2001 many individuals assumed they were living in a safe country. The news showed bombings and war in different countries, but people in the U. S. were too ignorant to know such things can occur in the land of the free. When the brutal 9/11 attack occurred President George W.

Bush made the proper decision of fighting back by launching a war on terrorism. This was a logical decision because most of the country felt vulnerable after the attack. Furthermore if our country did not fight back, other countries would take it into consideration that we are weak and they can take advantage of us. About 90% of polls conducted by various news stations before and the beginning of war stated the people overall supported it. (web) People argue now that we have been at war for a while some people are changing their minds, but not as many as the media makes it seem out to be. All the media has done for the war is damage it.

The media's main desire is to make ton of money and in doing so they will try to make the Iraq war seem as pointless as Vietnam. Polls that are conducted may be rigged. One fact that can easily display that is that conservative news sources will have more people supporting the war than media that is non-conservative; this is too close to be a coincidence (web). Furthermore, many times on the news a group of kids from school will be interviewed and say how terrible of a job Bush is doing with the war.

It does not make sense to interview these kids who probably do not even know why there is a war, much less looked up information from a reliable source and know what they are talking about. People who pose as experts never are experts, the only people who can give a clear aspect of the war are someone who has fought in the war. One soldier says 'nobody speaks about any of the positive things the troops are doing, like rebuilding houses and helping with other manual labor, you only hear about the ambushes and killings.' ; (web). The perspectives of people in war and people viewing the war are very different and many people fail to realize the news can be a very one-sided source.

California itself is very liberal and that can affect the way the news is run, but the fact is California is not the only location in the U. S. The same news sources that criticized the war are also the same individuals who show negativity on television every single day about such things as the Peterson trial, kidnappings, homicides, car accident fatalities. They show such atrocities of people getting beheaded to get people talking and the more they talk the more people that will watch the news. In the black eyes of the media the more death in war and any other part of the world the better. What the news fails to carry out is to show other sides of their argument.

The war in Iraq has drawn a very rough line that the U. S. will not stand for terrorism and will fight to destroy these threats of the world. Destroying terrorism will make many individuals feel safer than they have felt since 9/11. Many people say Saddam was never a threat and the U. S.

should have never stuck their nose in Iraq, but those people are ignorant because Saddam was always a big threat. The leadership under Saddam Hussein used weapons of mass destruction and hurt Iraq immensely, causing people to lose their lives. A case displaying this brutality towards his own people occurred in 1988 during Desert Storm when Saddam gassed and killed five-thousand Kurds who were fighting on Saddam's side. Saddam has been accused before of mistreating the Kurds, but killing them is unjustifiable. Because of Desert storm the United Nations knew that Iraq had chemical weapons and ordered Saddam to dispose of them. The U.

N. had permission to inspect Iraq and over a thirteen year span they did, but Saddam would not let the U. N. search in certain areas.

This led them to believe that Iraq still had weapons of mass destruction. The U. N. then gave Iraq an ultimatum that if they did not cooperate and let U. N. inspectors search all throughout Iraq they would force Saddam to let them.

Saddam did not cooperate so the U. S. had no choice, but to invade the country and search for weapons of mass destruction. This war had a purpose and that was to eliminate terrorism from a country that might have weapons that could destroy large population centers. The war in Iraq would have never happened if Saddam had let U. S.

inspect all areas, but he did not cooperate so it appeared to our country that Iraq was hiding something. Iraq and United States as well as other countries have only benefited now that one of the major threats of the world has been captured. For the first time, Iraq has had the freedom to vote, which will now give the citizens an opportunity to help rebuild the country they live in. Individuals who oppose the war say that there have been more negative things about the war than positive. These people argue that the war has hurt our economy.

War is a very costly thing and unfortunately it can hurt an economy, but at the same time it is saving our country from future terrorist attacks. If we did nothing after 9/11 and knew Saddam was refusing to let the U. N. inspect all areas of Iraq our country would not only look weak, but the same people that say we should not have gone to war would be saying the opposite. There is only so much punishment a country can take before they have to make the decision to ignore reality or to take action. These people who oppose the war have to realize we are not fighting a war because we can, we are fighting to get rid of the dangers that some countries are providing with terrorism.

People who say they feel unsafe because of the war have been directed in the wrong direction. Without the war people would be much more fearful of a terrorist attack such as 9/11 because our country is not fighting to stop it. The plans for the war have not changed at all. Even though the name has changed to the march toward freedom it is the exact same thing as the war on terrorism.

The U. S. is full of Euphemisms and the war on terrorism was changed to the march toward freedom mainly because most Americans cannot face reality. These same people who cannot face reality are the same people who are hurting the war. Whether these individuals like it or not we are at war and complaining will not do anything to benefit it.

Many people argue that polls state that most of the U. S. opposes the war this obviously cannot be true because after all Bush was elected our president by a majority of the American people. In conclusion, the Iraq war is not a pointless battle that the U. S. continues to fight each day.

The country has motives to fight and those will continue to be carried out despite what the media as well as anti-war individuals persist to believe. Only the people who have been in the war can give a good aspect of the war. The battle for security has only made the country feel much safer. Without the war the U. S. would not be as secure from terrorism as it is today..