Thu Tran English 108 A Essay # 1 A Good Friend Most people have a lot of friendships through their life. However, it is true to think that a friend relationship is more important than a family relationship sometimes. There is a proverb that says, "A friend in need is a friend indeed." I have a lot of friends since I came to the United States, but I believe that Nancy is not only my aunt but also the best friend in my life. She is ten years older than I am and she is very nice and friendly. During the first few months I lived in the United States, I found that it was very difficult for me to adjust the life in a new culture. As a close friend, she spent several hours to explain to me how to familiarize with the new life in here.

Moreover, she showed me how to drive and how to learn to pass the DMV test. After I lived here for a year, I had been accepted to the college. Because I did not understand enough English, I had problems with American students and people in school. It was a hard time for me to do a lot of paperwork including financial aid forms, placement test, course registration, and various questionnaires. However, my aunt was always willing to help me to do those things quickly. Although she was very busy with a full-time job in her company, she gave me all of her spare time and treat me fairly as a good friend.

After a few years I lived with her, I had noticed that she was always spending everything generously for me without expecting anything return to her. She was a considerate and lovely person. Sometimes, I had some problems with studies, monies or I' d made some mistakes in my life. Then she was the first person, who stayed right by my side to listen to all my troubles, to correct my mistakes, and to help me go through those problems completely.

For me, this was the most important character value of a good friend. If I am lost and have nobody to guide me, I think I will be lost forever. Because she was very kind and courtesy, she took me go to see the movies every weekend. Therefore, I could improve my understanding of English and have a chance to discuss with her about things such as weather, clothes, school, etc.

Especially before each class exam or final test, she would assist me and give me the best solution if I did not understand some points. As the years went by, I overcame most of my difficulties with a new life in the United States and I became more independent person. I was learning the cultures and areas of the city well enough by sharing my feelings and traveling around with her every weekend. Generally, good thoughts, good words and good actions are important elements to interact with friend relationship. Sometimes I hear someone says, "You can't pick your relatives, but you can pick your friends." I believe that there are many ways, what people can tell who really a good friend is, but my definition of a great friend is a realistic person, who communicates honestly, compromises, and brings out the best in someone's to achieve the most important goals.