Once upon a time, there was a boy named Bobby. Bobby had a dog named Ring. Ring followed Bobby everywhere he went. Bobby and Ring lived in Minnesota.

Through the good times and the bad, they did everything together. This is how it all began for Bobby and Ring. Bobby was riding his bike home from school and he saw a little puppy lying along the side of the road so he stopped to see what it was. It was a little beagle that couldn't have been more than six-weeks-old was. So, Bobby took out some of his left-over peanut butter and jelly sandwich from lunch and gave it to Ring. Bobby didn't know what to do because he didn't want to leave a puppy along the side of the road to die.

So, Bobby decided to put Ring in his book bag and take him home. Once he got home he told his mom all about his day and about the puppy that he found and asked if he could keep him. Bobby was really shocked when his mom said that he could as long as he took complete care of him. Three years passed.

Now Ring was three and Bobby was eleven. It was spring and Bobby was thinking of the summer that was ahead of him. He was planning on all of the things that he wanted to do and all the places he wanted to go. Bobby really liked to fish. One day that spring Bobby went fishing and of course Ring was right behind him. It was very hot that day and the fish weren't biting at all.

So, Bobby started talking to Ring since there wasn't anyone else around and to his amazement Ring talked back. Bobby couldn't believe it. Since Bobby didn't have any brothers or sisters, Ring was like his brother. He talked to Ring about school and the problems that he had there with a guy named Butch.

Butch was the meanest guy at school. Every day Butch would take poor little Bobby's lunch money. Bobby and Ring came up with a plan to get back at Butch. On the last day of school before summer Bobby went out side as usual and there was Butch, but Bobby didn't give him his money.

So then they started to get into a fight. Butch hit Bobby and gave him a black eye. Ring could see all of this from the bushes where he was and couldn't take it anymore. So he took off after Butch.

Then Butch tried to kick Ring, but missed. When Ring yelled at Butch it really scared him and he took off running away. Then everyone on the playground started laughing at Butch since he was running away from a little dog. This was the start of Ring and Bobby's great summer. That summer Bobby and Ring did a lot of exploring. Since Bobby really liked to fish they did a lot of fishing.

That summer Bobby caught the biggest fish he had ever caught. A thirteen pound large mouth bass. It was a great day. That night Bobby and Ring ate well. They really enjoyed the catch of the day. Bobby really enjoyed being able to talk to his dog but he was the only one that knew that his dog could talk.

Another thing that Bobby and Ring liked to do was to go swimming. When the temperature rose above 90 degrees, they would go swimming down at the lake. Bobby liked to jump off of the cliff into the water below and see how big of a splash he could make. But one day when he jumped in, a log had drifted under the cliff and when Bobby hit the water he landed right on the log and was knocked out. Without even thinking, Ring was right into the water after him and Ring grabbed Bobby by his shirt and pulled him out of the water. Then Bobby regained consciousness and was all right.

Bobby couldn't believe that his dog had saved his life. Bobby was so thankful, but all Ring had to say was that he was glad that he could return the favor. Ring and Bobby were very sad to see that summer end.