Walt Disney had a wonderful idea about how to create an ideal amusement park. His guests would arrive in his own magical world and forget about anything else. He quietly bought thousands of acres of orange groves in Central Florida and then constructed the ultimate amusement park Walt Disneyworld. Walt Disneyworld is a fantastic place filled with many sights, thrills, and animals.

Each and every part of Disneyworld has its own theme down to the smallest detail. Vacationing in Disneyworld makes you feel like a young child again in a fantasy kingdom filled with laughter, make believe, and magic. Visit Disneyworld and you will have the time of your life. Disney's friendly employees work around the clock to ensure your vacation is one to remember. Disneyworld is a place like no where else. The sights, sounds, and smells, surround you to create that fantastically magic feeling.

Florida's heat and humidity, remind you that you are far from home. When you jump off that monorail anxiously waiting to get into the Magic Kingdom, you glance into the distance and see that magnificent masterpiece, Cinderella's Castle. Now feeling the magic you run down Mainstreet U. S. A. , to out hustle a hundred people to your favorite attraction along the way you, smell aroma of apple strudels and biscuits in the bakery shops.

Upon entering MGM Studios the glowing sign on the Hollywood Tower Hotel invites dare devils to enter the thirteen story building where shrieks and screams are heard from all night long. From many miles away the scents of the marvelous restaurants could be tracked down like a hunting dog after its prey. All the parks are very well kept, the landscaping is manicured, shrubs are cut into shapes of Disney character's. The grounds are spotless without a piece of trash.

In Disney's Animal Kingdom, walking through the village of Haram be in Africa you hear bongo drums that sound as loud as a 10, 000 pound giant Hemphill, 2 stomping through the jungle. Walt Disneyworld has so much to do and see it is almost overwhelming. Walt Disney set out to create an incomparable vacation spot and accomplished just that. Disneyworld gives you a extraordinary feeling that you are in a very special place. Everyone, from the very young to the very old can experience that Disney "magic" and have the best time of their lives.