The day was coming, my feelings were getting nervous, scared, more like terrified. Mixed feelings were coming alive in me when I thought about going to school also how I felt about experiencing a new and different life. At the age of twelve my life was shifted. First day of school came walking onto the campus it was a whole different feeling than what I was used to. New and different faces turned as I walked down the loud, echoing halls. The mass amounts of students of my age talking, laughing and enjoying school.

Made me feel that I was not going to ever succeed in school. My biggest fear was being held back. I didn't want to be the oldest person in my class. I wanted to go on with the people of my own age. Six hours of school time was a long time, I always looking at the clock to see the time for the day to be over to go home. Staying at home was the only thing I wanted.

When I got home I wanted the time to stop. I did not want the time to go on, my parents asked how school was. I just told them that I did not want to go to school and that was not fitting in. no one talked to me and all I wanted was to go back home into my room and hope that everything will go away somehow. When I read "Half a pound of ham," by Bernadette Pias sa. I felt that she and I had the same feelings.

I was doing well in school and with the schoolwork. I would just concentrate on learning the new materials I was being introduced to. I would always practice talking and making my English speaking skills more clear for others to understand.