In reading A Rose for Emily, I personally didn't not v are for it. I feel the tone was to nasty for me. How can you live in a house with a dead man in your house for 10 years. That is just unhealthy.

Why would she subject her manservant to live in such conditions. What was going on with her and her father? Why didn't he want to let her marry, it is almost like he wanted her all to himself, and when he died she could not handle it. I also din't understand why Homer didn't want to marry Emily. Why did she feel like she had to kill him to get him. If she killed him? We can only assume their aren't any solid evident's that states that she did.

Why was everyone in her business. who cares who she has in her house, if she is married, or if she didn't want to come out of the house. She probably didn; t want to be around all those nosey women. I don't understand what the writer of the story was trying to portray by writing this story. The story leaves you hanging wondering what happened or what did everyone thing or what did everyone say when the saw the gray hair lying in the indented pillow. ldk jf alkfjg /flkgj flkgj lfg kj lfjgh jmhfgkjf gkdmgh fkjgh ljfhgk fghkjfgh lgjhkfjgh l, g l, jfghkf gjfghkf gljfgh lfg lfk j gl kj glfkgjldkg log flkgj fdl gk lfg k lgkjfsdlgkjflgk flkgj lfkjglfkgj fglkjfdgl fdglkfjg fdl glfdk glfdjglfg lg jfjgfldkgjflg lf gkdjg flgkjlf golf, jglfgj flg flg jlkfgj ldfkgjlfgkjkgjlskdgk ldjlkdj lkfjljf lk flkgj fkdjflkdfj kj djf o; k flg sdf ok.