Almost everybody in the world runs into someone they greatly admire. It could be a relative, friend, celebrity, or even a character out of a book. Somebody that I truly admire is a character named, George out of a book called "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck. George possesses responsibility, determination, and courage which led me to admire him greatly. In this story George is in charge for taking care of Lennie. Lennie is a gigantic man with awesome strength that he doesn't realize nor control.

Lennie also lacks common sense, leaving it up to George to care of Lennie. George and Lennie only have each other and a dream they share together. George took on a huge responsibility by taking care of Lennie. For example, when Lennie says, " If you don't want me I could go off in the hills I can go away anytime," and George replies back by saying "No look! I was jus fool in Lennie cause I want you to stay with me." George knows Lennie cannot survive on his own and he watches out for him. All the characters on the ranch on except George and Lennie are lonely people. George feels obligated for taking on the role of Lennie's actions.

For instance, George warns Lennie to keep quiet when they meet their new boss because he doesn't want the boss to think that Lennie's crazy. In George's words "He may be dumb but he ain't crazy." George is a much smaller man and to take care of another man twice his size who lacks common sense is a tough and aggravating job to take on. This shows that George has a genuine, and selfless love for Lennie. I truly and greatly admire George for that because you can't find many people these days that are so caring and thoughtful. George was very courageous. Once George had found out that Lennie killed Curley's wife, even though he demandingly ordered Lennie to stay away from her, George was left with only one option.

That was to kill Lennie. George finds Lennie in a brush, and since Lennie loves to hear George speak about the dream of the farm, and how he gets to tend the rabbits, George tells Lennie about the farm one last time. Bravely, George took out his gun and pulled the trigger. Then George realizes that his dream is over. George and Lennie were best friends, practically family, but he had to take the risk of killing Lennie to save the lives other people. Not in a million years would I ever be able to kill someone, especially if I really cared for that person.

George had a strong heart for Lennie. George's determination had a huge impact on me. George had a dream, a dream of a farm that would have rabbits for Lennie to care for and pet. He is determined to make Lennie content. George thinks very positive in his dream, but doesn't truly believe in it, until Candy an old swamper, asks to be included in the dream of the farm and offers $350 he had saved up as a down payment.

Now George is determined that his dream will come true. It amazed me how he could believe in something so tremendous. I used to dream all the time. I used to believe that dreams come true, but for the past few years all my dreams have gone down into the gutter.

Not one of my dreams ever came true and probably never will. It was great to see that George was so determined in his dream. That is something I could never do. Even though he was so determined, his dream still ended up being a shattered fantasy. The same way my dreams turn out to be. I admired George for his ability to manage taking care of Lennie.

He used responsibility, determination, and courage. Those traits helped George to be extremely admired by myself.