Tuesday September 11, 2001, was supposed to be a normal day as usual in New York City (A city that never sleeps). Kids going to school and other going to work etc. All of a sudden America got a wake up call. New York was under attacked by two hijacked commercial airliners that collided and crashed in the two World Trades Centre buildings killing over thousand of people including passengers in the plane when both twin towers collapses to rubble. It was terrifying watching people jumped out the window to their death, crying for help and watching them died in agony. "America will never be the same." Later that day there was another attacked about to take place in Washington D.

C when a third commercial airliner ran into the Pentagon building. There were about eight hundred people in that building. The officials reported that hundreds are dead including passengers in the flight and some are unaccounted for. A forth plane supposedly targeted to collide onto the Whitehouse instead the plane crashed in Pennsylvania. There weren't any survivors in that plane.

We don't understand why these Hijackers (Terrorist) had done such as thing, killing themselves and killing innocent victims. Are they mad? Did they do this for revenge? For their faith or they instructed by head terrorist Bin Laden. Watching this terrifying tragedy on the news is like watching a movie, but this was real. Planes crashing into the buildings, victims losing their love one, real life hero such as firefighter and police officers risked their own lives to save people inside the building. It was a bit too late to rescue people in the twin towers when the towers collapse unexpectedly, trapping people with the rescuers.

No one knows if there are still people trapped alive. In the past days, officials like firefighters, police officers and volunteers helped one other in searched for missing people. It was a difficult week in the Untied States and Nation Wide. Last Tuesday's cowardly attacked by the terrorists who killed thousands of innocent men, women and children. The victims will never be forgotten and forgiven.

I can pray for the families who lose their love ones in this tragedy. I believed these terrorist hijackers did this barbaric act for their faith. I didn't believed any type of God will slaughter innocent human beings for any reason. I agreed with the President of the United States George W. Bush who encourage us to go back to our normal lives soon as possible and go on with our everyday lives.

God bless America. I will pray for those who lose their lives in this tragedy and hopefully this were not be the beginning of World War 3.