Mercutio and Tybalt are killed) (A) Briefly describe one major change in Romeo's mood and mental state during the scene. (B) Say what brings about this change. (C) Suggest one reason why this scene would be effective in a stage performance (d) Suggest one reason why this scene is important for the plot of the play. William Shakespeare one of the greatest and most renown writers presented his readers with his well kept high standard as he combined yet another master piece in the play of Romeo and Juli Consider carefully the characters and events of act four scene one (in which et.

This play, a tragedy, tell the fatal story of forbidden love. One act however is integral to this essay' development and more so to the play's plot. In scene three act two Romeo a member of the family Montague witnesses the death of a friend by the sword of his enemy Tybalt a Capulet. The Montague's and Capulets were at conflict with each other and prior circumstance had provoked tension between Tybalt and Romeo. However Romeo rebuked Tybalt challenge to battle but unfortunately however Romeo's friend Mercutio takes up the challenge and is killed in the fight. This initiates a sudden change in Romeo and he loses the benevolence that had caused him to reject Tybalt, s challenge.

Romeo now wants revenge, revenge for his friends death which he feels guilty about. His mentality changes and from then he viewed things as being bleak. In lines 101 of chapter three he says that "this days black fate... there begins the woe that must end." This serves as overshadowing of adverse pending times.

All this was brought on by Mercutio's death and more so the exact circumstance that lead up to the death. Romeo felt that he was somewhat responsible for the death and he views it as being unnecessary and undeserved. This scene is a quite dramatic one and a major turning point for Shakespeare's play. The actions are little verbal and mostly physical thus a stage display with such high level of necessary activity could prove quite effective. Shakespeare style is indeed remarkable and each scene of his novel carries its specific weight thus the scene mention which staged Mercutio's death marked the revelation of the plot and further misfortune for the star crossed lovers Romeo and his Capulet lady love, Juliet. The scene lays the foundation on which Romeo is to be banished and the lovers be set even further apart.

Each piece is as necessary and Shakespeare did a magnificent job in tying them all together.