A 15-year-old boy could not be a man, over a period of time, he would have to grow and mature. He still has his whole life ahead of him. On the other hand, from the book, April Morning by Howard Fast, Adam Cooper, was forced towards becoming an adult during one morning that was unforgettable. Going into war, the decisions he made, and good role models in his life brought about Adam's adjustment from adolescents to adulthood. The war was a major factor in contributing to Adam's process of becoming a man. Prior to the war, Adam occupied his thoughts with Ruth and planning to go to sea.

Following the war Adam had lost his father, so his mind was primarily set on his family. For example, who was going to take care of the family with the loss of his father? Now that Adam considered himself an adult, after the war he knew that taking care of his family and being the man of the house was more important than thinking about girls and adventures. Before Adam even knew about the war he acted childish with Ruth. He would be yelling at her one moment then kissing her the next. Ruth said this while she and Adam were out one night for a walk, " First you " re yelling and screaming at me as if I were heaven only knows what, and you " re like to tear me to pieces. Then, without so much as by your leave, you kiss me" (Fast 40).

After the war Adam seemed to have more of a mature love for Ruth. He talked about things that were more important in life, such as taking care of his family and going to war. Adam went through so many life-threatening hardships in the war, that he realized he had a real manly love for Ruth. Besides the war, some of the choices Adam made helped him develop into a man.

Adam made some life changing decisions that changed him into a man. Before he signed the muster book he did not have to think about killing, dying, or suffering. After he signed it he had to think about killing another man or even himself dying. While standing in line, Cousin Simmons stated, "A boy went to bed and a man awakened, hey, Adam" (fast 68).

By making the decision of signing the book, he had to think of things only men would think about such as killing a man. Ahead of Adam facing his father, he seemed scared and controlled by him. For instance, before Adam signed the book, he feared that his dad would embarrass him in front of everyone and not let him discover his manhood. After he faced him he seemed more confident in life and seemed to have control over his life.

Adam did not seem to worry so much about him. By overcoming the fear of facing his dad Adam felt more confident in becoming a man. Not only does Adam make good decisions he has people that are beneficial in his life. Adam had many good role models in his life to set examples of a man to help him into manhood. Before he ran into Chandler he had no idea what to think, his emotions were crazy. Afterward he ran into Chandler, he helped him with the loss of his dad and assisted him through the war.

Chandler helped him grow and mature by being there for him in the war and informing him what to do. Beforehand, when his dad was there he taught him many different things but did not really understand it. After he died the thought of how great of a father he really was and how much of an influence he had in his life. Adam had uttered, "The day before this, I could remember nothing about Father but the birching and his anger and sarcasm; it was curious that now I recalled so many good things, and discovered that the bad things, were not so bad after all" (Fast 123). Adam's dad showed him how to become a man by being a good influence on him and by inspiring him to be what he had the ability to be. To abandon his childhood he had to go through a war, make good choices throughout life, and have influential role models for the outcome of entering manhood.

Time and growth is not needed for a boy to become a man. Putting his childish ways behind him and going through these life-changing events made Adam Cooper a man.