Arthur miller was a great author who wrote many great stories about many great things including things like the crucible and the he was a very talented author doing whatever he wanted to do on his own time not worrying about anybody else and what they are doing with themselves people have no clue what they are doing you must understand the true meaning of an informative essay it is to inform the re adres of something that has happened in the past and you can relate to it useing reality Arthur Miller was a very powerful writer using many details in his story including many important parts of true history arthur Miller himself was accused of being a communist people dont realize how important the public image is The crucible is a story about many thins including love, hate, and even jealousy even though many of things in the story we know are not true and would not hold in a court this day and age did mean alot back then. back then people believed in what was right by god and if you didnt go to church every morning then you were convicted of being in with the devil and you were usually hanged for what you did back then the goverment was based on church and state so thats why laws were some strict then and you can somewhat see the resembence of them today some of the same rules apply today as they did back then purtians lived very simple lives but did lots of work in the process people dont realize how hard it was back then and they were very serious about god and had lots of faith in him and that everything would be decided by god and that god will come down and strike you if you dont tell the truth or something like that. people dont understand the true meaning of puritans i think that it represents all that is pure in the colony's such as the trees and the animals and the land. also that they are true to god himself and they always make sure not to dissapoint him.