Analysis of Le unig cartoon Seal M A large cartoon with the leaders of Australia and America, this cartoon initially engages readers with its sheer size. Exaggerated language and an openly sadistic tone is aptly used to create black humour. The combination works to highlight the inhumanity that the leaders are consenting to. Underlining the grotesque elements of the text work to "hammer" the brevity of actions being proposed while also enhancing the effect of alliteration. This alliteration reinforces meaning especially as the basic idea of carrying out unspeakable actions is repeated so developing the alleged insensitive nature of both leaders. The smiling and pleasant faces of the central figures coupled with the contradicting conversation add to the effect of the "barbarian" image as it may be seen that they are taking much sadistic pleasure from the suffering about to ensue.

Emotive language such as "disembowel" and "decapitate" provokes an uncomfortably intimate image of immorality. As such behaviour is unacceptable in society, if one was to oppose the view of the cartoonist, they would, by default be endorsing this inhumanity. The cartoon cunningly reveals hypocrisy of Bush, as the actions that he suggests are the same ones that Saddam has been internationally condemned for. In addition to this, it may be noted that Bush speaks first, proposing the atrocities and uses inclusive language e. g. "we" to assume or demand full compliance from Howard.

The briefness of Howard's answer and its complete approval ridicules his intelligence while perhaps also giving the sense of Australia's implied subservience to the US, thus creating outrage in the reader.