Everyday she would stand outside on the balcony of what she liked to call, her dream house. She would just stand there everyday to hear the birds chirping, to watch the palm trees sway from side to side as the wind blew roughly; the sound of the water as it splashed back and forth. A little girl so young of the age of eight would just stand there everyday thinking; thinking of her dad and when he was going to return. She lived in a three story, light pink colored house in the Dominican Republic, a little island south of the United States.

There she lived with her mother; father, brother, sister, and many aunts, uncles, and cousins. She would go horseback riding everyday with her father on the horses that they owned on the farm. And then he would take her for a spin on his fast racing motorcycle. They would go out onto the field and pick fresh vegetables and fruits together. For that little eight year old girl, it was fun because to her anything she did with her daddy was her idea of fun. For many years they went on the same way; horseback riding; motorcycle riding; going places together; doing things together.

To that little girl everything was like a dream come true. Her daddy was not just her father but her best friend. It was one rainy afternoon; the eight year old girl was standing there outside on the balcony of her three stories, light pink colored house. She was there as usual thinking of her daddy and when he was going to come home. That night that little girl waited for hours and hours and her daddy did not show. Shaken and worried, she finally ran inside to her mother and asked her mother, "Mommy, mommy, why isn't daddy home yet?" Mother thought and thought to herself how she was going to explain to her little eight Walkiria Batista 9/26/03 ENG 101-038 year old daughter where her daddy was.

The father had been taken by the police that morning to jail for a consecutive of five years. The police had visited the mother that afternoon at her job to inform her of what had happened and why. The entire time all the mother could think was how she was going to tell all this to her eight year old little girl. Voice cracking with tears in her eyes, the little girl asked again, "Mommy, mommy, why isn't daddy home yet?" Mother looked and faced her daughter and sat her down on the coach and told her, "Sweetie, daddy won't be coming home for a while." The little girl with sadness in her voice looked at her mother and gave her a hug and a kiss and just turned toward the door and went back out to the balcony.

She stood out there thinking to herself and how she knew that her daddy would come back. She didn't know and didn't want to know the reasons that her daddy didn't come home that night. All that she could think of was that she knew he would come back home. As the years went on that little girl thought and thought about her daddy. Knowing that her daddy would come back one day just made her stronger. Her mom helped her to become a strong, independent woman.

Till this day that little girl remembers that very night that her daddy never returned home. The little girl, that isn't little anymore has come to accepting the fact that her daddy has not and will not come home. But throughout it all, she has grown; and learned so much about life. That little girl that used to stand outside on the balcony everyday waiting for her daddy to come home has made herself better by her experience.

She took her daddy's example and has decided to makes something wonderful of herself.