Many people in the community want to see the death penalty reintroduced to Australia. They believe that it will reduce the number of murders and allow justice to be done; "a punishment to fit the crime." Some say. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. This article details why the death penalty is a failure, and why it should never be used under any circumstances. Amnesty International opposes the use of the death penalty in all cases and for all crimes. It views the death penalty as a fundamental human rights violation.

Nowhere has it been shown that the death penalty has any special power to reduce murder rates. In country after country, it is used disproportionately against the poor or against racial or ethnic minorities and it is often used as a tool of political repression. The idea that a government can justify a punishment as cruel as death conflicts with the very concept of human rights. A spokesman for Amnesty International said, "The death penalty is wrong and immoral. It is not the government's place to judge whether a person should exist or not. We, as a whole or individually, do not have the right to put a value on a human life.

Only God may judge us." If a person is given the death penalty for murdering another, then those who granted the penalties are no better than the murderer. Capital punishment is completely against what Jesus taught us. Another reason we should not use the death penalty is financial. It is more costly to take someone's life than to maintain that life in containment.

Those who complain about paying taxes to the government for justice and at the same time favour capital punishment are hypocrites. People in favour of the death penalty are in favour of what is against our Constitution, specifically our Constitutional right against cruel and unusual punishment. This is why the death penalty is wrong and immoral and should not be reinstated into Australia.