Why is same-sex marriage such a controversial issue in the United States? In the 21 st century we as a society have witnessed science and technology that seems to be infinitely changing. As if there is truly no limit! Our society boasts of equality and equal opportunity. We have become practical in our thinking, for science has taught us to do so. Yet for a society that prides themselves on being superior in intellect, technology and equality we still discriminate against gay people and their right to marriage. Same-sex marriage is a big issue in the United States, some are against it some are for it. There are negative and positive reasons why society thinks it should be legal or illegal.

The only thing that matters in a marriage is love. Marriage is a commitment between two people that love each other and want to share the rest of their life with you. It shouldn't matter if the couple is two women or two men. So why not allow same-sex marriages? There are two kinds of marriages, civil and religious marriages. Throughout the century marriage has changed in many ways.

Robinson states, "In the early part of the 19 th century, marriage was a legally sanctified contract of mutual support between two consenting non-Afro-American adults of opposite gender" (2). As the years past by the laws for marriage became more lenient. They finally allowed different race couples to marry. In 200, Vermont allowed same-sex civil unions granting them the same rights heterosexual couples have. But for these unions to be recognized in other states homosexuals would have to fight just like the others had to fight centuries ago. Not all states allow civil unions.

The meaning of marriage is not the same as it was centuries ago. People now don't follow those gracious words "till death do us part." Couples now move in together first and see how it goes before they consider marriage. Many women are now single moms with being married. The divorce rate is higher than it has ever been. By allowing same-sex marriage it doesn't change anything in opposite-sex marriage. Robinson states, "The rights to marry the person that you love, have made a commitment to and wish to live with for the rest of your life is a foundational human right" (2).

So if marriage is not as sacred as it was before, why deny same-sex couples the right to marry. It doesn't change the meaning of marriage or our view to society. Society shouldn't be determining what two people can or can't do when no one else is hurt in the process. Robinson states, "The status of same-sex marriage across the U.

S. as of 2003-NOV-19 is shown below" (1). There are many rights same-sex couples will acquire if same-sex marriage is legalized. Same-sex couples want the same rights that heterosexual couples have. There are over 100 legal rights for married couples.

If an emergency, such as a health crisis occurs between a gay couple, they have no say so in any of the healthcare decisions of their partner. Same-sex couples have no legal right no matter how long they have been together just simply because they don't have a civil union. Benefits are one reason why same-sex couples want to have marriage legalized. While same-sex couples can protect themselves by creating wills and powers of attorneys, this monetary benefit does not come close to the advantages a couple receives from being married... Demian states, some of the benefits same-sex couples could receive if married: o Automatic Assumption of Spouse's Pension Automatic Inheritance Automatic Housing Lease Transfer o Bereavement Leave (offered by some employers) o Burial Determination Child Custody Joint Parenting And the list keeps going. Who wouldn't want all those benefits? Same-sex couples just want to be considered equal and marriage would help them achieve some of that equal ness.

Same-sex marriage would decrease Sexually Transmitted Diseases because homosexuals would be interested in long-term relationships and be committed to one person. Same-sex marriage would make same-sex couples settle down and commit to one person. Sexually transmitted diseases are higher in gay men than lesbians. Making same-sex marriage legal will help them stay in a committed relationship and give up that type of lifestyle. The STD rate is high among the gay community. The U.

S. by not legalizing same-sex marriage is not helping the gay community at all. A big issue in same-sex marriages is children. Where do the children fall in all this? This is where People opposing same-sex marriage think same-sex couples will make bad parents. They think that in a marriage parents should be a man and a woman. Not same sex adults..