The character, Huckleberry Finn, in the novel "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", and Tom Sawyer from the same novel are two characters that have manifest similarities and differences. The similar elements include that they both like adventure, they are both open minded, and also they do not want to be civilized. The different elements include that Tom is a leader over Huck, Huck is more serious than Tom, and also that Huck keeps things simpler than Tom. Both of these characters have many palpable similarities. To begin, Huckleberry Finn, and Tom Sawyer both decide to form and join a group of Robbers, that go around town look for adventure and terrorizing people. For example Tom starts the band of robbers, "Now, we " ll start this band of robbers and call it Tom Sawyer's Gang.

Everybody that wants to join has got to take an oath, and write his name in blood." (Twain 9), and then Huck joins in and they all go on adventures for destruction. One other very acknowledgeable similarity that Huck and Tom Have are that they are both open-minded. For instance whenever Tom and Huck wanted to set Jim free, "THE first time I cached Tom private I asked him what was his idea, time of the evasion? -- what it was he'd planned to do if the evasion worked all right and he managed to set a nigger free... ." (Twain 386), this shows that Tom and Huck have there own feelings about certain things and are open-minded about things that they were told not to do, as in to hate "niggers." The last most essential similarity between Huck and Tom, are that they do not want to be civilized.

Tom and Huck display this when they are in the Band of Robbers. Huck and Tom go into the Band because they want to be different than everyone else and not follow any of the rules that the adults have imposed on them. For example when Huck wanted to do something for the gang he said to kill Mrs. Watson, "Well, nobody could think of anything to do -- everybody was stumped, and set still. I was most ready to cry; but all at once I thought of a way, and so I offered them Miss Watson -- they could kill her." (Twain 11). The gang was not going to kill Mrs.

Watson, but this just goes to show how far they were would have gone to be uncivilized. Even thought both of these characters have many similarities, they exhibit many differences as well. One difference between Huck and Tom is Tom leads over Huck. There are many instances were Tom is a leader over Huck, but one example of this is when Huck is in the Band of Robbers and Tom controls everything going on. The gang voted Tom the leader, .".. we elected Tom Sawyer first captain and Jo Harper second captain of the Gang, and so started home." (Twain 13), therefore Huck has to follow under the leadership of Tom Sawyer.

In addition to these differences, Huck is more serious than Tom. You identify this, when the gang goes and does some of there destructive acts. Tom tells the gang that there are a group of people coming in with treasure and that the gang was going to jump them and take all their treasure. Huck finds out that there is no group of people coming in with treasure. It is just a family picnic.

Huck then tells Tom exactly what he feels, [.".. there warn't no camels nor no elephants. It warn't anything but a Sunday-school picnic, and only a primer-class at that. We busted it up, and chased the children up the hollow; but we never got anything but some doughnuts and jam, though Ben Rogers got a rag doll, and Jo Harper got a hymn-book and a tract; and then the teacher charged in, and made us drop everything and cut. I didn't see no di " minds, and I told Tom Sawyer so." ] (Twain 17). Finally another difference between these two characters is that Huck keeps things simpler than Tom.

Through out the novel Tom always wants to do wild and complex thing, for example dig under Jim's Bed, "Tom said we was right behind Jim's bed now, and we'd dig in under it... ." (Twain 326). In conclusion, both characters have perceptible similarities to both being adventurous, open-minded, and imaginative. They also demonstrate differences that Tom leads over Huck, Huck is more serious than Tom, and Huck is more serious than Tom. These similarities and differences in Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn give the novel "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" a very individual appeal.