During the coarse of this week the majority of my time was spent creating orginal cheers and rui tines for the girls to learn. I had to keep in mind that they were younger and could not do some of the moves I was taught being on the highschool squad. I put together a mini dance rui tine to teach them and also about five cheers. They definately needed some new cheers after they showed me what they already have. I plan on making more for them to use in following seasons. I also spent some time with the girls showing them some basics of cheerleading.

Things that I was told as a beginner freshmen I passed down to them. This will definately prepare them better for the highschool squad. I also continued some of my reasearch on coaching and perfetional This week we had a meeting for our clinic. We brought the girls munchkins and all sat in a circle.

Each girl listed a goal they wished to get accomplished in our clinic. many of the girls wanted to learn more advanced lifts and try new things. One girl Lauren said she wanted to get a scorpion in the air, which is holding your leg behind yourself, while balancing on one foot. They definately had high expectations for themselves as young cheerleaders. Also, many of the girls wanted to get better at gymnastics, such as cartwheels and flexibility. I really feel as though we are getting close to the girls.

After we told them about the clinic we all sat around laughing with eachother. They told Christina and I funny stories about the people in their school and their lives. They are a very energetic and positive group of girls. The sixth graders I especially have developed a liking to.

Even though they are the most talkative, they can always make me laugh with their silly stories. One of the 6 th grade girls who happens to be very sensitive got a little upset at the meeting. Someone mentioned a comment about how she is so tall for her age, and her face turned bright red. When a lot of the girls agreed, she told them to all stop. We assured her that she was beautiful and should have nothing to worry about.