Clocking Off Review Clocking off is a series of stories, each encapsulated in a single episode, based on the workers in a Manchester Factory and their lives outside the factory. While all the stories stand alone, they are all drawn together by the common bond of the factory. Clocking off is produced by Nicola Schindler and the cast is mainly made up of people who are relatively unknown. This is an excellent drama that is very fast paced with a constant level of tension. The script is very well written because you never know what is going to happen next. The four characters who's lives we get a glimpse at in this episode are fairly different in personality.

They don't consider themselves friends, but share a bond as co-workers and every Tuesday night go out drinking together. At the start of this particular Tuesday drinking session, we join them and see them get into a fight because a young man was being rude and threatening to a single lady. The four try to help out the lady and a fight starts. In the middle of the fight someone stabs the young man.

During the next few days the four are playing the blame game. One of the four is arrested and takes the wrap for the stabbing while the real culprit attempts to commit suicide. The other three protect the culprit; this loyalty brings them together as friends. Though the actors are not particularly well known, this along with the impressive dialogue is what makes the episode so believable. They all seem to become working class factory workers. This episode lets the viewer take a look into the situation of each of these four characters personal lives.

Barney, the father of two, Nick, who has a sick mother to look after, Kev a pretty average bloke and Ade, a single man who is frightened. As the story progresses these four characters come together, through the events that unfold and the actions they take as a consequence to become friends. The underlying theme in Clocking off is an amazing tale of the truths behind friendships. These male friendships are brought together by the loyalty that has formed between then four. Though none is willing to take the wrap for the crime, they are also not willing to let any of the others. This is original, down to earth British drama, which the majority can relate to, due to the realistic view of the everyday dramas that take place.

(word count 417).